Ata Konac

Lips 1

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Lips 1

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Artwork Information

Type: Original

Medium: Oil

Genre: Figurative

Artwork Size: 17.5cm (w) x 12.7cm (h)

Uploaded on: Tuesday 30th Apr, 2024




About this artwork

Lips have long been a captivating subject in art, drawing the eye with their appealing curves, colours, and expressions. They are more than just a physical feature; they convey emotion, personality, and sensuality. The challenge for any artist lies in capturing not just the physical likeness of lips, but also their underlying emotional depth. Lips symbolize femininity, and "girl power" through their form and expression. They signify strength and allure, embodying the essence of womanhood. The power of lips in communication reflects confidence and passion. Their sensuous appeal conveys boldness and beauty, resonating with femininity and empowerment.

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