Ata Konac


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Artwork Information

Type: Original

Medium: Oil

Genre: Still Life

Artwork Size: 15cm (w) x 15cm (h)

Uploaded on: Tuesday 16th Apr, 2024




About this artwork

The egg, a seemingly simple and unassuming object, has long been a symbol of profound meaning in art and culture. Its smooth, fragile shell conceals the mystery of life within, representing the potential for growth, renewal, and transformation. In religious iconography, the egg often symbolizes rebirth and resurrection. The egg's round shape and harmonious symmetry further enhance its symbolism, evoking a sense of completeness and unity.

Oil on canvas panel
Painting size: 15x15 cm
Framed size: 23x23 cm

Ready to hang in handsome dark wood-effect frame.
Delivered in plastic-free, secure, stylish packaging.

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