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Suzette Datema

Suzette Datema

Member since Tuesday 7th May, 2024

Welcome to my world of vibrant hues and creative expressions! I am primarily a self-taught artist, though I must credit the invaluable guidance gained from the classes I've attended, which have provided me with excellent direction in honing my skills.

The paintings you see are a testament to countless hours of experimentation and dedication in capturing my unique perspective of the world. Colour, for me, is not just a visual element but a source of unending joy, and I strive to use it in splendid ways to breathe life into my artworks.

I enjoy delving into mixed media techniques, incorporating charcoal, acrylics, oils, and at times, resin into my creations. Each medium adds its own dimension and texture, allowing me to create immersive and captivating pieces that resonate with viewers.

One of my proudest achievements is sharing my art with people from 18 countries around the globe. It's incredibly fulfilling to know that my work has touched hearts and found homes in diverse corners of the world.

Join me on this colourful journey as we explore the boundless possibilities of art and celebrate the beauty of expression through every stroke and shade. Let's paint our world with joy and creativity!