Suzette Datema

The Irony

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The Irony

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Artwork Information

Type: Original

Medium: Mixed Media

Genre: Figurative

Artwork Size: 76cm (w) x 51cm (h)

Uploaded on: Tuesday 7th May, 2024




About this artwork

The Irony
While I was painting these people, of an era gone by
I was carried away in the audible book of another time.
A time where the elite could dine and wine.
But the unwanted were incarcerated.
Their fate undebated.
I was wondering how I would feel robbed of my hair,
No shoes not even a pair?
My heart sank as I listened to women not allowed underwear.
And every man and women with a uniform were a big scare.
Food dished out in grams per day.
Coffee, a cup of brown water, a taste you wish not to stay.
Cold, thirst and hunger the unquenchable companions.
Survival their plight, and happiness is an onion!
Ironically the people in the painting unaware.
Their cupboards full and bellies satisfied, not a care.
Unaware of who lied and who cried, they could not discern.
Let's heed history's lessons, for truths we must learn.
Avoiding mankind’s fury, let kindness be our guide.
In compassion and empathy, may our paths coincide.

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