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Abigail Palmer

Abigail Palmer

Member since Friday 6th Oct, 2023

Abigail Palmer is a passionate abstract expressionist artist whose work revolves around the exploration of colour. With a fascination for the power of hues, Abigail’s approach limits her palette to between two and four colours in each painting.

Using colour harmony and contrast, she creates captivating artworks that elicit a wide range of emotions and visual effects. Each paint stroke is meticulously executed to examine the interplay between the chosen colours, resulting in compositions that mesmerise and engage the viewer.

Beyond the visual aesthetics, Abigail delves into the symbolic and cultural meanings associated with the selected colours. By that invites contemplation and invites viewers to interpret her work in their own unique ways.

Inspired by the abstract expressionist movement, Abigail pushes the boundaries of the genre by focusing on the profound impact of colour, awakening the sensory and emotional dimensions of art that transcends traditional boundaries.

Abigail is a young UK based artist, and through exhibitions and showcasing work in various art spaces, she hopes to captivate audiences with her thought-provoking use of colour, aiming to inspire and invite viewers into the vibrant world of abstract expressionism.