Adrian Ventura

Adrian Ventura

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I'm an artist and illustrator living in Brighton.

As a child, growing up in Yorkshire, my grandad was a big influence in my early interest in drawing and painting. Being a keen amateur wildlife artist and cartoonist, he helped to inspire my love of nature and the arts.

I would eventually go onto to follow my passion in nature and study Wildlife Illustration at Carmarthen College of Arts and Technology, Wales in 1989 - 91.

Illustration did take a back seat for a few years as I pursued a career as Graphic Designer, working in TV and Video Games. I now work in education as a Cover Supervisor in a special needs school.

More recently some of my work has been published in the New Talent section of the Association of Illustrators publication, ‘Images 36’ 2012. It’s Britain's only jury-selected illustration competition and has very stringent criteria for submission.

Over the last four of years I've been working on a self-initiated project called, ‘One Sketch A Day’, the subjects and content of which range from the bizarre to the mundane. The illustrations can be inspired by anything from a conversation, a snapshot of stranger on a bus, a fly sitting on a car bonnet or a current affairs news story. The general quirks and oddities of life all play a part in providing me with endless material to put down on paper.

My daily sketches are a visual diary, which depict a somewhat distorted and humorous view of life around me.

You can see a variety of my work on my website:

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Commissions undertaken. Prints available of all my work. If interested, please get in touch.