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Peggy Dot Art is the label of Norfolk-based artist Peggy-Dorothea Smith. Having been a writer for most of her life, in 2021 Peggy-Dorothea decided to turn the tide on her long-held belief that she could not paint or draw, immersing herself in the plethora of online courses that had sprung up during lockdown, alongside devouring a library’s worth of books. Trading her pen for a paintbrush she was immensely surprised to discover that people loved her artistic creations. Through the overwhelming support and encouragement of family and friends, Peggy-Dorothea, or Peggy-Dot as she is affectionately known, now feels ready to put her artwork out there for sale.

Her work is predominantly in gouache, watercolour, ink and professional pencil, on paper – often combined in a mixed media approach. Peggy-Dot’s subjects tend to be architectural and are inclined to reflect her passions for history, literature, her adopted home county of Norfolk and travel further afield, frequently incorporating her love of the quirky and bizarre. It is said of her work that she can make the subject look more charming and inviting than it is in real life, which is undoubtedly one of her aims with her illustrative style – to depict a world slightly more magical than its reality, oft-times with a flicker of fantasy and fun. Still very much a fledgling artist, Peggy-Dot’s knowledge and skill continues to grow every day as she works hard to progress and evolve her art.

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