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Hi, I'm Maria, an originally self-taught acrylic painter, then perfected by the teachings of Joseph Patric Daniel's courses and good old daily practice ^_^.

Thank you for visiting my profile, my vibrant little world bubble, a celebration of acrylic paint and the enchanting travel destinations that inspire me. I like to think my art is not just a feast for the eyes, but also a journey into a realm of positivity and boundless inspiration.

I was born in the heart of Africa and raised amidst the cultural tapestry of Europe, my life has been a fascinating journey of cross-cultural experiences. This rich background fuels my creativity, enabling me to craft pieces that are as diverse and captivating as the cultures I've immersed myself in.

My artwork is a symphony of simplicity and boldness, each piece echoing with an overwhelming sense of positivity. Be it the tranquil serenity of a secluded beach or the bustling vibrancy of a cityscape, I strive to capture the essence of each location with unique charm and elegance.

I invite you to bring my artwork into your space, and transform it into a sanctuary of positivity. Every brushstroke on the canvas is a reminder to embrace the beauty in every moment and to seek inspiration even in the mundane.

I see my art is more than just decoration; it's an invitation to embark on a journey of self-discovery. It encourages you to explore the depths of your being, find solace in solitude, and draw strength from hope.

Experience the joy of having a piece of my world in yours. Each painting is a window into a different corner of the globe, a story waiting to be told, a memory waiting to be made. Dive into the bold colors, get lost in the intricate details, and let my art inspire you to see the world through a hopeful and positive lens.