Dave Bryant

Punk Girl Anthology 87

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Punk Girl Anthology 87

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Artwork Information

Type: Original

Medium: Acrylic

Genre: Figurative

Artwork Size: 29cm (w) x 29cm (h)

Uploaded on: Wednesday 30th Aug, 2023




About this artwork

The Series. Punk Girl Anthology ,
In the 1970s, many teenagers underwent a metamorphosis,
transforming from “good girl” to “punk girl”, this transformation was both physical and cultural.
Hair went from sleek and styled to spiked and dyed.
Clothing changed from “tame” to clothes with attitude, a look that encapsulates the rebellious spirit of youth and its power to push boundaries.
My artwork captures this metamorphosis, showing the transformation of teen into punk girls in culture in the 1970s.
The vibrant colours and unique style portrayed in my work highlights the rebellious attitude that comes from being part of the Punk scene.

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