Zoe Clements

Zoe Clements

Member since Wednesday 27th Mar, 2013

Self taught artist; I really started to use my art when I became ill, being able to express my emotions through the struggling dark days of despair to the lighter days of trust and hope.

By using my art as a channel, it has allowed me to release emotions and to understand the complicated aspects of the mind. I believe in showing all area's of emotion for when we dig deep into our own minds, the harsh realities of our perrsona are all there waiting to surprise us. Life is not always an easy path to travel, but by continuously exploring new area's of feelings we can release repressed emotions instead of trying to tightly keep it all in.

The aim of my work is to continue to explore and work with different mediums; I consider myself still work in progress, a gradual but continuous movement.

If my art raises any emotions in people, be it dislike through to love then I know the piece of art has worked and raised thoughts within the mind.